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    Dear colleagues,
    We are pleased to announce the foundation of an International Association for the Promotion of Georgian/Kartvelian Studies (IAPG), with a view to further development of Kartvelological sciences, the propaganda of their achievements and innovations on the international arena and getting more young specialists interested in these sciences. It is an independent public organization private law non-entrepreneurial (non-commercial) legal person.
    The aims of the Association are:

    • to promote the development of Kartvelological sciences (Georgian linguistics and literary criticism, Georgian history and archaeology, Georgian art study, history of Georgian philosophy, Georgian folkloristics and ethnography…), propaganda of their achievements and novelties both in Georgia and abroad, in particular;
    • promotion of regular international kartvelological symposia; holding of international or local scholarly sessions on individual Kartvelological problems;
    • facilitation of research into individual Kartvelological issues, publication of significant Kartvelological studies or scholarly collected papers;
    • to render assistance to foreign young specialists interested in Kartvelological issues, the Georgian and other Kartvelian languages. For this purpose to facilitate the organization of a regular international Kartvelological summer school or an individual Kartvelological school for individual persons;
    • to establish contacts with Kartvelological centres abroad, with separate groups and propaganda of their activity;
    • to promote the publication and popularization of the Kartvelological   English and Georgian journal “The Katvelologist” (http://kartvelologi.tsu.ge) on the international arena;
    • to launch and implement other activities  proceeded from the interests of Kartvelological sciences and which are approved by the General Meeting of the “Association” or the Board. 


    The idea of founding an association arose at the final meeting of the Sixth International Symposium on 17 March 2011 and was implemented at the first General Meeting of the members of the Association on 11 April 2012.
    The founders of the Association are: Mzekala Shanidze, Arrian Tchanturia, Damana Melikishvili, Vakhtang Licheli, Darejan Tvaltvadze, Nana Gaprindashvili, Maka Elbakidze, Elguja Khintibidze (all from Georgia), Bernard Outtier, Agnes Ouzounian (from France), Bert Beynen (from the United States of America), Yasuhiro Kojima (from Japan), Reuven Enoch (from Israel), Steffi Chotivari Jünger (from Germany). Professor Elguja Khintibidze was elected Chairman (President) of the Association.
    The activity of the Association is directed by a Board:
    Maka Elbakidze – Depury Director of the Shota Rustaveli Institute of Literature, Professor of TSU;
    Reuven Enoch – Israel Heritage Department, Professor at Ariel University Center of Samaria;
    Darejan Tvaltvadze – Dean of the Faculty of the Humanities, Professor of TSU;
    Yasuhiro Kojima – Professor of Tokyo University of Foreign Languages;
    Vakhtang Licheli – Director of the Research Institute of Archaeology, Faculty of the Humanities, Professor of TSU;
    Damana Melikishvili – Honorary Professor of TSU;
    Elguja Khintibidze - Academician of the Georgian National Academy of Science, Professor of TSU (see CV below);
    The Association is effective both in Georgia and on the territory of other countries.
    The Board of the Association calls on all persons interested in questions of Kartvelology, as well as on all who are interested in the present and future of Georgia to join the Association formally, which will contribute to the creation of the image of the Association and will strengthen its material viability.
    Members of the Association will receive full information on its activity and will be involved in it.
    The membership fee is $20 annually or its equivalent in Georgian Lari.
    Membership will be decided by the Board on the basis of the applicant’s wish and his/her CV (electronic or printed versions).
    The material basis of the Association will be created by the membership fees and voluntary single donations. Information on the donations – if the donors wish so – will be published periodically in the journal “The Kartvelologist”.
    The numbers of the Bank accounts of the “Association” are:
    GE10TB7043236180100001 (USD)
    GE79TB7043236080100004 (GEL)
    GE10TB7043236180100001 (EUR)
    GE10TB7043236180100001 (GBP) (see in details);
    The postal address of the Association: flat 13, storey VI, entrance I, 18a Ateni St. Tbilisi, 0179, Georgia.
    E-mail address: khintibidze@yahoo.com ; iapgs@gmail.com;
    Telephones: 2 29 08 33; 2 23 18 00
                Fax: 2 25 25 01


    Birthday: 7, June 1937
    Birthplace: Georgia
    Full Professor of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University.
    Head of the Institute of Georgian Literature at the Faculty of Humanities of TSU.
    President. International Association for Promotion of Georgian/Kartvelian Studies.
    Former positions:
    Dean of the Faculty of Philology at TSU (1976-1986).
    Pro-rector for scientific research at TSU (1986-1993).
    Head of the Chair of Old Georgian Literature at TSU (2000-2006).
    Academic Background:
    Doctor of Philology, Professor, Academician - The Georgian National Academy of Sciences.
    Membership in professionaland social organizations
    Société Internationale pour l’Étude de la Philosophie Médiévale – S.I.E.P.M.
    Honorary Member of the Research Board of Advisors of the American Biographical Institute (Former).
    Main fields of research
    Medieval Georgian literature ; Georgian-Byzantine literary contacts ; Rustaveli studies.
    Activities in Georgian/Kartvelian Studies
    Editor of the journal “Literary Research” (Proceedings of Tbilisi University).
    Member of the editorial board of the journal “Georgica” (1978→).
    Founder and editor of the journal “The Kartvelologist” (Journal of Georgian Studies) (1993 →).
    Founder and head of the Centre and the Fund for Kartvelian Studies (1992 →).
    Founder of  the International Summer School in Kartvelian Studies (1995 →).
    Organizer and convener of  six international symposia on Kartvelian Studies
    Participant of International Congresses and Symposia and deliverer of lectures at the Universities of: Madrid, Basco, Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Helsinki, Turku, Ottawa, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Berlin, Jena, Erfurt, Fraising, Massachusetts at Amherst, Georgetown, Western Michigan, Columbia, London, Oxford, Cambridge, Rome, Pisa, Ravenna, Venice, Palermo, Sofia, Tehran.
    International Order of Merit – IOM (Cambridge).
    Georgia’s Order of Merit (Tbilisi).
    Ivane Javakhishvili Prize (Tbilisi).