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    With the support of the Fund for Kartvelian Studies, the Centre has instituted the Marjory Wardrop Prize named after the first translator of The Man in the Panther\'s Skin, a masterpiece of medieval literature and the greatest work of Georgian culture, and the Marie Brosset Prize, named after the first foreign Kartvelologist. Both prizes are awarded to foreign Kartvelologists. The first winners of these prizes are (in 1995): Katharine Vivian, the author of a new English translation of The Man in  Panther Skin (Marjory Wardrop Prize), and Heinz Fähnrich, a well-known German linguist, founder and permanent editor of the journal Georgica (Marie Brosset Prize). In 1998 the awards were made to: Luigi Magarotto, an Italian Kartvelologist and translator of Georgian literature (Marjory Wardrop Prize) and to the German philologist Michel van Esbroeck (Marie Brosset Prize). In 2002 to Winfried Boeder, German Kartvellogist (Marjory Wardrop Prize) and to Bernard Outtier, French Kartvelologist (Marie Brosset Prize).