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    The purpose of the Summer School in Kartvelian Studies is to increase the number of  Kartvelologists by training foreign students; to assist them in the study of Modern Georgian; to give them a general idea about the various fields of Kartvelian scholarship; to familiarize them with Georgian culture.   

    The Summer School in Kartvelian Studies forms the foundation for the study of the Georgian language and culture by foreign students and scholars; creates the basis for them to be able to realize their interests. That such interest is indeed great has been demonstrated by serious goals and abilities of the participants of the Summer School, and the activities carried out by them, as evidenced by their letters about the warmth and friendly atmosphere they were surrounded with in the Summer School. Here follow several extracts from letters of attendants of the Summer School in Kartvelian Studies.

    The 5-week Summer School in Kartvelian Studies, held annually – in July and August – attracts foreign students, post-graduates and young scholars to work on Kartvelian disciplines.

    Skilled teachers deliver an intensive course of the Georgian language along two lines: spoken Georgian and Georgian grammar for the participants of the Summer School in Kartvelian Studies (4 hours daily). Well-known Georgian scholars deliver lectures in various fields of Kartvelian Studies (history of Georgia; linguistics; history of Georgian literature; Georgian mythology; Georgian musical folklore; Georgian-Oriental relations; Georgian-Mediterranean relations of the Classical period; study of Georgian manuscripts).

    Future Kartvelologists get acquainted with the Centres of Georgian art and culture (Georgian State Museum; Museum of Georgian Art; Institute of Georgian Manuscripts); the house-museums of Georgian writers and artists; they meet Georgian writers and journalists, visit Georgian theatres, and see Georgian documentary and feature films. The schedule of the Summer School in Kartvelian studies includes excursions to  different parts of Georgia every weekend, including visits to the most important historical and geographical monuments of Georgia: Vardzia, Sapara, Mtsvane monasteri, Iqalto, Gremi, Alaverdi, Shuamta, Tsinandali, Monastery ensemble of David Gareja, Kutaisi, Gelati, Ananuri, Qazbegi, Sameba, Jvari, Svetitskhoveli, Svaneti, Racha, Khevsureti, Seaside of Georgia.

    You will find friends here. You will study, contemplate, enjoy yourself and rest with us.

    You are welcome to the Summer School in Kartvelian Studies!